Rampage Coffee Lover’s Bundle – C4

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Rampage Coffee Lover’s Bundle.

A great gift for the coffee lover in your life, even if that means you.

The Rampage Coffee Lover’s Bundle is the perfect arrangement of Rampage coffee essentials. Get caffeinated in style with a Caffeinater Branded Mug, a durable Rampage Rubber Coaster, Skull Spoon, sticker,  a 340g bag of C4 Smooth Extreme Caffeine Blend Ground Coffee.

In the C4 blend you will find premium South American and South Asian coffee beans specifically blended in a way that will punch you out of your morning slippers. Be careful with this blend as it is our highest caffeine blend and it has been known to start out of control RAMPAGES!


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You can’t make all these perogies without starting the day on a strong cup of coffee.

Baba loves to support local business and Rampage Coffee is one of our favorites.

Rampage Coffee Co. is proudly owned and operated in Saskatoon, SK in Canada.

Visit them online at