Rampage Coffee Rubs



Three 138g Convenient Shakers
Three amazing flavors:

The Original – The World’s Hottest – Sweet Canadian maple

Amplify your next meal with a Rampage Coffee Rub!

Why a coffee rub ?

The acidity levels of coffee replicate tannins in wine, which allow amplification of flavor. But it doesn’t stop there. Coffee rub on steak can also act as a tenderizer, making meat softer and enhancing the moisture of the meat by creating a sealed crust of flavor.


The spices in our rubs are processed in a facility that also processes products with nuts, dairy and gluten. We do not personally add any of these ingredients however, we can not guarantee that they are 100% free of them.

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A unique product made here in Saskatoon. When Baba works the grill this is a go to.

Baba loves to support local business and Rampage Coffee is one of our favorites.

Rampage Coffee Co. is proudly owned and operated in Saskatoon, SK in Canada.

Visit them online at rampagecoffee.com